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Our goal always is to provide you with the highest quality, most cost effective and result-oriented legal services available anywhere by establishing a personal, caring and long-term relationship and partnership with you.

We know that only lawyers feel comfortable with the law. Whether your case is a routine fender bender or is a once in a lifetime matter such as a devastating personal injury case or federal fraud investigation,  your case is important and you deserve the highest level of professional representation. Consequently, we are committed to be sensitive and responsive to your wants and needs while providing you with the highest quality professional representation.

To assist you in making the right choice regarding your case, we will:

• Explain your legal options;
• Describe the consequences of your options;
• Explain the financial ramifications of your options;
• Take the time to answer your questions; and
• Remember that the case is yours and that you are ultimately in charge.
"Responded to my claims with useful information. He was generally concerned with my situation and was very knowledgeable."
"Thank you Robert for explaining my options clearly and precisely. I went to a few lawyers about my situation and none of them were as helpful as you."
"Bob provided sound legal advice regarding a complicated contract and separation agreement. His guidance lead to a positive resolution without litigation. I am deeply indebted to Bob for his direction through the negotiating process which ultimately saved time and expense for all parties involved."
"My company was involved in a contract dispute with a larger outfit, who was a longstanding customer. I felt we were completely right, and intended to bring suit and not compromise, as advised by our then current attorney. A friend who had used him before suggested we check with Bob Stolzberg for a second opinion. Bob very quickly grasped the complexities of the case, and, as much as we did not want to hear it, pointed out factors that could make our potential suit costly to pursue and less likely to succeed than we had assumed. Instead, he helped us negotiate for a settlement that gave us a high percentage of what we felt we were owed, while also defusing the anger on both sides such that we are talking again about future business. I think that part of the reason we were able to settle on such favorable terms was that it was quickly apparent to the other side that Bob was on top of all the intricacies and nuances of the facts and law, and would have been a tough opponent in court."
"I worked with Robert on a case and he was always perceptive, dug deeper than other lawyers do and came up with an original and focused strategy. He is excellent and I cannot recommend him more highly."
"When you need an attorney who gets it quickly and who will professionally represent you as the case may be, Bob Stolzberg is The Man. He has represented me a few times over the past ten years, and I am confident you will be more than satisfied the way he handles your interests."
"Bob is the best! My first case with him was a complicated and tough. He he got a couple of counts thrown out right at the start. He then planned a strategy that won before the jury. In the second case, he represented me in a divorce. I didn't want to give a penny, but he convinced me to settle. I wasn't happy at the time but I did it because I trusted him. Since then, seeing what has happened to some of my buddies, I know that it was the right advice. What makes it particularly impressive is that he was on an hourly fee, so by settling he was reducing my legal fees by a huge amount. Use him!"

Law Offices of Robert A. Stolzberg

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One Center Plaza ~ Suite 220
Boston, MA 02108-1814
tel: 617.227.0808

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