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Fee Structure

Free Initial Consultations: There is no cost and no obligation for an initial consultation about your legal issues.


Lawyers charge for their work in several different ways, depending upon the nature of the case and the desires of the client. For many cases, such as defending you in a contract dispute, we charge by the hour.


Other cases, such as bringing a personal injury or a professional malpractice case, are typically billed on a contingent fee basis, whereby we are not paid anything unless we obtain a recovery for you.  In that case, our fee is a percentage of the recovery.


Occasionally, we will take a case on a flat fee basis. However, since litigation is an interactive process, it is very difficult to determine a fair flat fee at the start of a case.


Sometimes, our fee will be on a “blended” basis including multiple components of the above types of fees. For instance, we might take an initial flat fee and then also charge a reduced hourly fee.

In addition to fees, we also charge for our out-of-pocket expenses. These might include the cost of stenographers for depositions or court filing fees.  Unlike some firms, we do not charge “word-processing fees” or “computer research” fees, since we consider these expenses to be part of our overhead.

In every case, we will discuss your options and work with you to make sure that we have designed the fee package that is most appropriate for the circumstances.




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