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Practice Areas

We have an abundance of experience in all forms of dispute resolution. Of course, the most effective form of dispute resolution is to prevent the dispute from occurring. We have seen many of the disputes that you are likely to face in our representation of other clients over our many years of practice. You can benefit from this because we can anticipate many potential disputes and provide preventive measures to minimize your risk of expensive conflict down the road.


Sometimes, it is not possible to avoid disputes. We have experience in all forms of dispute resolution, including negotiation, arbitration, mediation, administrative law, and trial and appellate practice in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts, as well as in New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, Colorado, California, Maine, and Texas.

We provide legal representation in numerous areas, including:


  • Business Litigation

    • Contract disputes

    • Employment disputes

    • Restrictive covenants

    • Officers’ and directors’ liability

    • Business licenses

  • Tax Litigation

  • Real estate disputes

    • Construction disputes

    • Adverse possession

    • Purchase and sale issues

  • Personal injury cases

  • Professional liability

    • Medical malpractice

    • Attorney malpractice

    • Accountant malpractice

  • Commodities and securities disputes

  • Libel and slander

  • Criminal defense

    • White-collar defense

    • Violation of domestic abuse restraining orders

    • Federal

    • State and federal Grand Juries

  • Domestic relations

    • Complex divorces with significant alimony and division of property issues

    • Custody and child support

    • Obtaining or defending abuse restraining orders

  • Representation of foreign nationals or business entities in the United States

  • Local counsel to parties based in other regions of the country who are involved in litigation in New England


When all else fails and litigation is necessary, we always remember that litigation is the means to accomplish your goal, not the goal itself. Therefore, we evaluate every procedure to determine if it will, in fact, advance your objectives in a cost-effective and pragmatic manner. Whenever it is necessary to achieve your goals, we are ready to go to court to obtain the results you deserve.

In addition, you may be involved in litigation in which we do not represent you. This might occur when a third-party, such as an insurance company, has the right to select your attorney, or where the case is in a foreign jurisdiction. We can help you insure that you receive effective legal representation by reviewing the case as it proceeds and advocating on your behalf.




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